Track Record

Our Consultants and Management have been in the Recruitment and Training industry on average over 30 years. We have performed hundreds permanent, contract and Temp recruitment assignments, from entry-level through to senior executive-level, across a variety of verticals, and with great success.


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The following attributes make Scotia Partnership stand out from the pack:

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Quality Staff

We only recruit the best recruiters to work at Scotia Partnership. Our staff are trained extensively to deliver our outstanding recruitment solutions. All of our staff are encouraged to receive free training via our Training Partner. Additionally, our staff are required to abide by a recruitment code which emphasises such qualities as professionalism, ethics, responsiveness and innovation.

Huge Reach

Our various marketing techniques and candidate attraction methods give us access to tens of thousands of candidates.

Realistic Prices

Engaging a recruitment firm can be an expensive exercise. We have a Suite of options to suit any budget. We offer fair comprehensive services with realistic price structures, particularly when compared to those of our less-attentive, automated and traditionally priced competitors. We encourage you to check our prices and service offering against our competitors.

​​Recruiters to the IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Production, Sales, Design, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Construction Industries. Employment Agency

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Personalised and Professional Approach.

Scotia Partnership is a small business, and unlike the multinationals with their huge marketing spends, can ill afford to lose your business. That's why we are more proactive, personalised and professional than the big players. You will receive comprehensive support and communication from your Scotia Partnership account manager throughout your engagement with us.

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Consultants rather than salespeople.

Our staff are trained as consultants, not as salespeople. They take the time to diagnose your problems and offer solutions, rather than simply trying to make a quick sale. We will advise you on the best option available through us regardless of whether that option is the cheapest in our solutions suite. In all cases, we choose quality over speed and quantity. This is the only way that a perfect fit can be achieved.

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Scotia Partnership is a recruitment company that specialises in professional, permanent, Temp and contract recruitment for various industry sectors.

Our extensive Recruitment Solutions Suite covers the following recruitment methods:

  • Full Service Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary and Contract Recruitment
  • Fixed Fee Recruitment (FFR)
  • Bespoke Recruitment
  • Retained Assignments
  • Psychometric Testing and Skill Testing

Helping you find the perfect candidate for your organisation

Hot Candidates
Candidates sourced from a wide range of arenas including our own database and numerous CV search jobs boards and portals and networking sites ensuring we attract the best available candidates.

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Why Scotia Partnership?
We work with the community and support young sports people.

There are literally dozens of recruitment agencies offering low cost services and it is often difficult to discern a point of difference between them. But not all recruitment agencies are the same. Scotia Partnership is different !